A Message from David Climenhaga | Thank you St. Albert!

On Oct. 15, 2007, the voters of St. Albert had their say.

While I did not win a council seat this 2007 election, I was very proud of my campaign for City Council, which came within 150 votes of success.

The fact that a first-time candidate with a small budget and a campaign of ideas could come this close to success speaks well of the voters of St. Albert.

I am very grateful to my many supporters and volunteers, and to the people of my city, for the opportunity to take part in this campaign.

Thanks especially to Dennis Malayko, Dan MacLennan, Rev. Scott Agur, outgoing Councillors Christine Brown and Neil Korotash, Sensei Manuel deSa and the gang at the dojo, Randy Pearson, Dianna Bowes, Marisa Etmanski, Desiree Schell, Mike Harrison (who designed this beautiful Website), “the other David Climenhaga” and many others for their contributions and support. Special thanks, of course, to my family: Luanne, Katie and Lily.

I am grateful also to the wonderful people I campaigned with (and, I guess, against). While I was disappointed not to be among them, I am confident St. Albertans will be well served by the councillors they elected. There were other excellent candidates too, for whom there were not enough seats on council.

And I am proud to have taken part in the same campaign as three excellent candidates for mayor, any one of whom would have represented our city well.

Although it is impossible to know what the future holds, I hope to be back on the campaign trail — and from there on to St. Albert City Council — in 2010.

And, until then, nope, I won't shut up!


David Climenhaga | St. Albert