Dave Olivier Nakota Isga

Hi, my name is DAVE OLIVIER, I’m running for city council, ward Nakota Isga (formerly Ward One). I have previously run with a platform of limiting property taxes to the rate of inflation and I am doing so again as City Council continues to increase taxes at an unrealistic rate.

When I was door knocking during the last election, I knocked on a door at lunch time. This very nice lady answered the door and we chatted about my platform. When I came to property taxes, I explained every time the city raises property taxes greater than the rate of inflation it takes money out of your pocket. She stopped me cold and said, “No Dave, it takes food off my table”. One should never have to go hungry to pay the City.

Limiting taxes to the inflation rate should not mean reducing services. According to the City Auditor, David Wiun, who is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of city departments, “The city must reduce its costs in order to remain sustainable in the current economic environment”. He has also noted that supervisory positions have grown out of proportion to front-line positions. In addition, I have heard from front-line workers that they have ideas on how to achieve cost savings but are not being listened to by management. This gives us at least two ways to achieve cost savings without spending more – listen to front-line workers and reduce redundant management positions. We can keep services and still meet budget.

Please click here to sign a letter to City Council to limit property taxes to the rate of inflation.

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