About Dave The Journey Thus Far

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I grew up as one of seven children in Ontario and moved to western Canada at age 15 with my brother to work in the oil fields. I settled in Edmonton in 1976 and, have lived here except for a 3 years working in Whitehorse, Yukon as a controller for a construction company.

I have worked for myself the majority of the 45 years in the work force. When I was about 22 I started a restaurant, unfortunately I lost a bunch of money but learned lots. That loss didn’t defeat me, it only inspired me to learn more about business. That started me taking night classes at NAIT while working 12 hours a day driving taxi and building a small fleet of taxis which I sold in 1987 not long after Black Friday, July 31, 1987 one of the most memorable times both in tragedy and in the best of human spirit. I earned a diploma in Accounting and that gave me the opportunity to work in public practice at chartered accounting firms. I loved the exposure to all the different kinds of business year ends and I even enjoyed the few audits I worked on. I continued night school and earned a diploma in Marketing. I got an opportunity to work in Whitehorse, Yukon as a controller for a construction company, we built schools, water reservoirs and other large projects. It was an exciting time for sure, I honed my skill set and learned other skills that complimented my business education. I moved back to Edmonton to take an advanced accounting course, met my wife just after the course ended and well, I stayed in Edmonton. We bought a house, had a child and I went back to school to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting. While going to school I was approached to transport two severely disabled people from home to day programs. I could make a thousand a month and it fit with my school schedule. When I was three months from completing my degree, I made all the appropriate noises I was going to be moving on. I was given so many clients that 20 years later and subcontractors working for me I had the best of both worlds. I had been doing year ends for some some businesses since my public practice days and started to build a bookkeeping business. What can I say, I am passionate about business and particularly feel satisfied when helping them. We all have skill sets mine is business. I am very lucky because my hobby is my passion and I am passionate about business. A hockey player will tell you that it is hard work to play professionally but they get paid doing something they love. I have worked hard all my life but really I have enjoyed the journey and I have been lucky to do something I love – business.

I have lived in my ward since June 2000 and my wife and I have raised three wonderful children here. We look forward to many more years in this same community.

I have often been active in the community, having served on boards as a way of giving back. I am usually asked to take on the treasurer’s role because of my business experience and my business education. 

In this election, I believe fiscal responsibility is more important than ever as well as controlling property taxes and encouraging new business growth. If we are to get back on our feet post-pandemic, we need to boost our economy back to life and invest in ourselves.