Better Candidate – You Deserve Better

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This section is where I would like to show you, via examples, how I am the better candidate for city council. I would like to be clear that these examples are real, all actions can be verified by public record or witness accounts. I am not putting down our current councillor as a person, I do not know him and have no opinion on him as a person. I do, however, believe that he is not doing an adequate job as a city councillor and that I would do a much better job, having better experience, education, and beliefs that align with our ward’s needs.

  1. Our neighborhood brought a concern over a proposed infill project to our councillor Andrew Knack. We had over fifty neighbours adjacent to the project come to our community hall to express their concerns over the type of infill that was being proposed. Instead of hearing us, attempting to find a mutually agreeable solution, and bringing our concerns to City Council, Andrew Knack spent over an hour attempting to explain to us why we were wrong and our concerns were invalid. This arrogance and outright dismissal bothered me. At the council meeting where the project was voted upon, Andrew Knack did not speak up for the residents of the affected area at all. This is not the type of representation that I believe our ward deserves. The residents here deserve to be heard and have a non-partisan councillor represent them.

WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE: At the community hall meeting, I would have done more listening than talking and tried to find a middle ground that would be acceptable. I would have contacted the applicant to attempt to come to a mutual solution between the developer and community. At the city hall meeting, I would have expressed to council the opinions of the residents that were at the community meeting who lived adjacent to the proposed project. This may not have affected the outcome of the vote, but I would be doing my job representing my ward.

2. At the above-mentioned city hall meeting, Andrew Knack voted in favour of the infill project despite objections by his ward residents. He has spoken out in favour of infill several times and voted accordingly. He has also benefitted personally from the city’s positive policy on infill by developing his own property. This brings into question whether he is voting for infill because it is really the best move for the city or whether he is voting for infill because he personally benefits from the policy.

WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE: I would not have voted against my resident’s wishes. I would have expressed to City Council the concerns of the residents and then abstained from voting. Because this is a city-wide contentious issue, as a city councillor, I do not believe that it is morally or ethically proper to be involved in benefitting from a policy that you are continuously voting on.

3. Andrew Knack has been a vocal proponent of bike lane development. This is an expense that our city simply should not be engaging in considering our financial position. Whether it was budgeted for or not, those funds that serve this small but vocal group of residents could have been used for other essential services that would benefit all or a larger proportion of residents. As well, the reality is that this is a largely spread out city, our transit is inadequate to serve it, and people are going to drive. Taking away existing traffic lanes is nonsensical.

WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE: Voted against taking away existing, needed, traffic lanes. In newer areas of construction, bike lanes could be planned in. In existing areas, lower-traffic residential streets could be used to provide a safer bike lane alternative.

4. Andrew Knack has been a councillor for over 7 years and has been a part of a city council that has continuously raised taxes, overspent, and placed this city in an untenable financial position.

WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE: Voted for keeping spending in line with inflation, choosing to spend on city “needs” first and then considering city “wants”. For example, voted to spend more on resolving city homelessness in a practical fashion than on installing bike lanes.

5. As opposed to our current councillor, I have had over 30 years experience running fiscally responsible businesses, subcontracting, starting and growing a business, and evaluating and successfully implementing business plans. I possess two diplomas and a degree. I have worked for myself, I have worked for and with others. According to his website, our current councillor has job experience in a retail store, a B. Comm, and experience on a fiscally irresponsible city council that cannot manage to control costs on city projects.