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Infill. I am for responsible infill and against indiscriminate infill. It is irresponsible to cut down a hundred-year-old tree and plop down a cookie cutter house. The responsible thing is to keep the tree and build a home around it. There is value in our mature neighbourhoods and sacrificing them for the profit is irresponsible. Not all infill projects should be approved. They need to be assessed, taking into account the neighbourhood, the plan for the area and the impact on the residents.

Infill is a wonderful thing for certain areas and even in those areas, it’s not always appropriate. Along transit lines and in high-traffic business areas, infill makes a lot of sense. Each application should be evaluated on it’s own merits so that it is beneficial to the property, neighbourhood, community, ward, and city.

Some of our city councillors have suggested that infill equals affordable housing however the reality is that construction is expensive and any new, good quality building becomes unaffordable once property taxes and land values are added. Affordable housing is a product of good construction planning, controlled costs, and affordable property taxes as a base, not just infill.